In accordance with and guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the guidelines below will be followed.


1. Sanitize the parts of the facility that will be used (sanctuary, foyer, restrooms).

2. Registration to attend an in-person service is required every week. (Call the church, during office hours to register. Deadline for registering is each Friday at 2:30 PM.) Church entry will begin at 10:30 AM.

3. Church members and/or visitors not registered will only be allowed to enter at 11:15 AM, if seating is available.

4. Please stay home if you are ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms.

5. For the safety of all congregants, all in person attendees should be COVID-19 vaccinated unless

otherwise exempt.

6. Balcony seating will only be used if main floor seating is at capacity.

7. Temperature check upon each entry through the marked entry door. (Note: entry and exit through the

front doors only.)

8. Masks required. Masks must be worn throughout the worship service.

9. Sanitize hands upon entry and re-entry into the facility and the sanctuary.

10. Programs will not be distributed; envelopes for tithes and offerings will be distributed upon entry.

11. Communion will be issued in separate packs upon entry and disposed of in trash baskets upon exit from the facility.

12. Bibles, pens and envelopes will not be available in the back of the pews.

13. Ushers will direct congregants to designated seating to ensure 6ft separation. (Congregants will be allowed into the sanctuary slowly to maintain social distancing.)

14. Only family members from the same house address can sit together in designated area. (Adjusted sanctuary seating will be designated to enable appropriate social distancing.)

15. No corporate altar prayer. (Assembly at altar will not be allowed.)

16. No physical touching, including hugs and handshakes.

17. Congregants will be dismissed pew-by-pew to avoid close contact and congregating   in the foyer.

18. Offering baskets will be in foyer to collect tithes and offerings as congregants exit the facility.

19. Do not congregate in the sanctuary, the foyer and on the sidewalk outside the church. Please go home!

20. Ushers will lock the door after the service and no re-entry will be allowed.

21. Only the men and women restrooms located in the front of the sanctuary will be used. A maximum of two (2) people allowed at a time in the restrooms. Wash hands prior to exiting the restroom.

22. Music staff and choir members shall wear mask and will be properly spaced. Masks will not be worn when singing.

23. Water fountains will be covered and cut off.

24. Worship spaces and all offices will be cleaned and sanitized after each worship service.

25. Notify the church if you test positive for COVID-19 within five days after the service. Everyone who attended the service will be notified so that they can monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and/or be tested.713.224.0761.


Following HIPAA requirements, the only information that will be provided is that someone who attended the church service tested positive for COVID.

Following HIPAA requirements, the only information that will be provided is that someone who attended the church service tested positive for COVID.

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